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Elevator advertising is probably the most effective advertising available in terms of consumer awareness, simply because occupants of elevators are a captive audience surrounded by few distractions. The key to successfully operating an advertising service that specializes in marketing elevator advertising spaces is to secure the busiest elevators in the community for the service. Ideally, you should concentrate on securing elevators in commercial buildings such as malls, office towers and hospitals. The higher the elevator foot traffic the easier it will be to secure advertisers to purchase the advertising spaces. Furthermore, to secure the best elevator locations for the business, consider a revenue split arrangement with the owner of the building or property manager of the building and develop interesting ways to display the advertisements.

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We reach city-dwellers that you can target by picking buildings in specific neighborhoods and varying the message based on the audience. We help you to break through the jarring world of persistently competing advertising to reach the exact audience you are looking for and make certain they are really seeing your message.
Research shows that an inhabitant of an apartment block or an employee in an office building uses the elevator on an average of 4 times a day. An elevator ride lasts between 30 and 80 seconds, an ideal time span to communicate.
The advertising recall rate is 45%, much higher than traditional media vehicles. (Source: Nielsen research on elevator advertising). The readership for the elevator commercial exceeds 90% – the lack of other activities in an enclosed space makes advertising frames more attractive and, consequently, induces in the public a positive reaction. Exclusiveness is doubled by repeated exposure to the message. These ads cannot be turned off like television ads, and by some people are viewed more than once a day.

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To increase brand value and promote brand loyalty along with brand retention!!

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To reach out to all the people during their daily chores, ensuring a greater promotion!

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