REVIEW :- Specialist Officer SO CRPD/SCO-SYSTEM/2019-20/11
About Specialist Officer SO CRPD/SCO-SYSTEM (SBI) :-
         Yes, we know that this is the same syllabus for IBPS SO IT Officer. Well, the similarity ends there. Prepare hard for SBI SO. All the best. This information is for SBI SO Systems preparation. There is no risk to ask us any queries or questions you have in the comments section below and we will have our System/IT expert answer them for any candidate.
       SBI SO SCO is State Bank of India Specialist Cadre Officer. State Bank of India (SBI) will organize this examination for the post of Specialist Cadre Officer. In this examination, there will be a total number of 77 posts for various posts of SME Credit Analyst, Credit Analyst and Deputy General Manager posts. SBI SO SCO online registration starts on September 06, 2019 and the last date to apply online is September 22, 2019. The availability of admits card from 10th October 2019 to download. And the SBI exams will be conducted on 20th October 2019. 

       SBI SO, CRPD/SCO Syllabus :-
  1.   A) Database Management System (DBMS)
   2.    RDBMS

        i) Entity-Relationship Model
        ii) Relational Model
    c) Normalization
    d) Overview of SQL queries
    e) E-R Diagrams
     f) Transaction Management

B)   Data Communication & Networking :-
   2.  a) Network Architecture
   3.  b) OSI Model
   4.   c) Transmission Control Protocol
   5.  d) Internet Protocol
   6.  e) Data Communication
   7.   f) IP Addressing and Subnetting
   8.   C) Operating System
            a) Process in OS
            b) Thread
            c) Types of OS
            d) Semaphore
            e) Scheduling
            f) Deadlock
            g) Memory Partitioning
            h) Page Replacement

       D) Computer organization + Hardware (Microprocessor) :-
         a) Bus Structure

     E) Network Security :-
       a) Cryptography and System Security
        b) Cyber Crimes
         c) Risk Management
         d) Firewall

     F)  Software Engineering :-
       a) Basics of Software Engineering
       b) Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
       c) Software Development Models

  9.  G) Data Structures :-
       a)Basics of Data Structures
        b) Array
         c) Linked List
         d) Stacks
  10.   Web Technologies :-
          a) HTML Tags
          b) XML